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Two Long Range Colorado Bucks

Cold bore shot at over 1,000 yards? Can it be done with factory ammunition? Follow along as Stan and I pursue early November bucks in Colorado.

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With the late season date structure of the 2021 season, we decided to apply for a two preference point unit for a second rifle season hunt in Colorado. The opportunity to hunt the first few days of November with a second season license sounded nice! We did as much e-scouting as possible thanks to onX Hunt and the Huntin' Fool Map.

Glassing in the cold

Don't forget that while you may not need warm layers for hiking around and stalking, when it comes to long glassing sessions in the wind, you may need everything from a neck gaiter to KUIU glomitt gloves.

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Sorting through bucks

We had hoped some bucks would have pulled out of bachelor groups and started to find interest in the does. However, the dry weather seemed to keep the bucks at higher elevations and still grouped up together. We spent the first two days deciding that no mature bucks would be found near any does and fawns.

Glassing from the Lookout

You shoot first, Stan!"

After finding a bedded 4x4 buck across the valley, Stan used his Springfield Armory Waypoint 2020 rifle chambered in 6.5PRC to anchor his buck at 624 yards. Once again, the factory Precision Hunter 143 ELD-X ammunition from Hornady performed flawlessly. Stan now had his biggest mule deer buck to date!

Chasing Elk at 10,000 ft

I had drawn a second choice rifle bull elk license as well thinking that we may run in to some elk. We found a large herd of bulls and cows up near the unit boundary at just over 10,000' elevation. I hoped to get a shot before sunset, but it was not meant to be.

Buck with a Suppressor at 1,005 yards

Finally Brady and I located the group of bucks we were looking for and I told Brady with no wind we best get set up and send the 143 gr. bullet from our glassing spot. With a cold bore 1000+ yard shot out of my Springfield Armory Waypoint 2020 rifle, everything had to be perfect. Dial the Leupold scope, level, and squeeze off the shot. If you don't hunt with a suppressor, you need to look at getting one soon from a SilencerShop Dealer. The bucks in the group had no idea where we were and no idea what was going on.

Watch the Film of this Hunt produced by Brady Harang of Huntin' Fool

Go hunt Colorado soon!

Colorado and their lovely game commission are worried about CWD. It's making management for trophy bucks next to impossible. Make sure to check out the season dates and draw odds from Huntin' Fool and get applied to hunt as soon as you can. Don't wait!



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