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Rifle Protection in the Field

We spend more money now on our rifles and long-range weapon systems than we ever have in the history of hunting. When it comes down to being able to make that shot count, having a clear view through your scope and a muzzlebrake free of debris, dirt, and moisture will help you make the most of the opportunity.

Since 2012 when I discovered the SOLOHNTR Rifle cover, I have rarely left the truck without my rifle protected from the butt to the muzzle. The lightweight adjustable cover weighs next to nothing and will be the cheapest investment you make to protect your hefty investment, your rifle. This cover is long enough to stretch over most rifles and even will cover medium-sized suppressors on many setups.

Made from a Rugged Micro Rip Stop fabric with a DWR (durable water resistant) soft finish. Designed to be MTN LITE and Rugged.

Weight - 6.2 oz

MSRP - $36.99

Made by Sentry Products this 5mm ScopeCoat will keep your lens' clean and protected as well as the action from rain, dust, and debris.

Weight - 3 oz

MSRP - $36.99



The Why from Austin

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