Veteran’s Day Coues’ Deer Hunt 2013

Veteran’s Day Coues’ Deer Hunt 2013

Veterans Day Coues’ Deer by Robert Gottshall

Flying into the desert of Tucson Arizona on Thursday and looking out the window I couldn’t believe that there were actually deer in this type of environment. Maybe rattlesnakes, coyotes, and javelina. But deer? After being picked up and greeted by Austin Atkinson owner of AAA Outdoors and also my guide. We headed south. I would be hunting in Southern Arizona near the Mexican border.The hunt was to start on Friday so Austin took us into a drainage to glass for the opener. We saw a couple doe that night as the shade started to overtake the landscape. They certainly have a fitting name “grey ghosts” as they disappeared into the hill side. I was up beat as I was only on the ground for a few hours and had already seen the ghost.

The first day after only glassing a couple hours we saw a very nice 8pt. 3 by 3 with eye guards western talk. Austin knew right away that this was a nice buck and we started our stalk. So I don’t make this a novel. I blew it. Totally blew it would be more fitting. A first day coues deer buck wasn’t to be. Guide did his job and failed to do mine.

We were seeing lots of deer, javelina, coyotes, and other critters which made the high temperatures worth bearing. Movement was good in the morning for a few hours and then a few hours before sunset. Occasionally we would see movement during the heat of the day too but no shooter bucks. Except another 8pt. at 100 yards that simply waved his tail at us and headed for Mexico. The sunsets were beautiful.

Four sunsets later and several miles and hours of glassing and here was Veterans Day. I told Austin I didn’t recall ever shooting a big game animal of Veterans Day. Then I thought to myself how fitting it would be to end that after 32 years of hunting and coming from a military family of 9 who have all served. Then as if magically coming out of the desert two bucks appeared. A spike and a four point. I looked through Austin’s spotting scope and said he looks great to me. After a short stalk we had our desert whitetail on the ground. I couldn’t be more proud of an animal than I am my coues deer. He is a true trophy to me.

Austin Atkinson

Before Austin and I started to take care of my trophy a Legacy rock was buried where he expired.

After quick and impressive work Austin had my fourth deer of the North American Deer Slam and 12th of the Super Slam taken cared off.

I am truly blessed to have won this hunt and harvested such an elusive and beautiful animal. I hunted in the Patagonia Mountains where Jack Oconner hunted his favorite animal. I can truly see why he admired them and the desert home they live in. I also gained so much respect for coues deer hunters and these tiny whitetails. GOD bless and good huntin’

by Robert Gottshall