Using Blacks Creek Backpack in the Field

Using Blacks Creek Backpack in the Field

Austin dall sheep2013

For a busy 2013 season of guiding, hunting, and packing I chose to use the Remedy 7 Solution pack by Blacks Creek Guide Gear. The pack was able to fit my guiding needs from day hunts in the desert for Coues’ Deer all the way up to backpack, week-long trips for Alaska Dall Sheep. Here are the 4 highlights of the pack in my view;

Fit: The feel of the Grip Frame on my back and waist feels more comfortable than any pack I have previously used. With the adjustable support and strap designs, the Solution always tucked in tight to my back, allowing for stable support under heavy loads.

Straps: At first glance you will notice the Solution has more straps than you may have ever seen on a backpack before. After using the pack and placing your gear in the desired pouches, the straps tighten down to make everything feel secure and solid. After the kill when the work begins, there are plenty of straps to secure your load, extra gear, meat, hide, and antlers so that extra rope is not needed.

Bag: The Solution bag is made out of a thick material that can handle sliding down shale rock chutes and being drug through thick alder brush. The full length side storage pockets allow me to store my 80mm spotting scope securely on one side and my tripod on the other. On overnight trips my sleeping bag gets tucked into the bottom pocket which is designed to compress a sleeping bag and keep it protected. However, on day trips, my wet rain gear is stored in the lower pocket, making it separate from the dry gear and readily accessible when that thunderstorm comes rolling in.

Frame Expansion: August 10th, opening day of the Dall Sheep season, I found myself 8 miles from spike camp with a happy client and a dead Dall ram. Other guides asked me before the trip, how will you carry meat out with just a 4800 cu in pack? Well the secret is in the frame. The Solution bag is simply unzipped, exposing the frames internal strap system. I lowered the entire load of sheep meat into my game bag, and tucked it against the frame, between the bag and the Grip frame. The straps are plenty long, allowing me to secure 75+ pounds of meat tight in between the bag. Cinch the bag up to the meat and you are ready to go! In 8 miles of up and down with the full load, the meat never shifted or sagged.

This Solution backpack and the Grip frame will haul all that you can throw at it with plenty of straps and support to make it comfortable. The backpacks made by Blacks Creek Guide Gear leave no personal modifications to be made and are ready for the most grueling hunts you can take them on. It is the Solution for all the backpack complaints and troubles you have ever had.

Austin A Atkinson
Professional Guide

Austin 2013